Beautiful Bees Busy Buzzing

Everyone loves a good bee picture but when we came across this beautiful image of busy bees at work we decided to learn more about who the artist was and what motivated them. When we contacted Jessika von I to ask if we could republish her image she responded enthusiastically, adding that these cute bees harboured a more serious message.

“Our fuzzy friends need all the help they can get, they work so hard and we need to take better care of them. Without us they would thrive, but without them we would die.”

– Jess von I, artist and illustrator

Thank you Jessika for allowing us to post your image and for your concern for bees. Here’s the artist’s bio:

“Jessika loved to draw right from the beginning and got serious about a career at 17 when she landed her first art job. She’s coloured her way through projects with Atomic Cartoons, Nickelodeon, Fisher Price, Disney and Pixar to name a few.

Jessika’s an illustrator who, through her love of color and lots of humour can draw her way out of almost anything.

In her spare moments Jess can be found long-boarding, bent in half at yoga, traveling to distant lands, working on personal projects and laughing with friends…sometimes at them!”

You can check out more of Jessika’s works at

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