Thank you for your interest in our prize – your support and indeed the support of all students is important to us. In return we hope to make this project as relevant as possible to you and your studies.

There are many courses across the campus that provide opportunities for students to engage with scholarship relating to bees. The ANU Apiculture Society Prize will be awarded to the best original bee-related student work. This campus-wide prize will recognise and encourage student scholarship on bees from any field of study or disciplinary area. The prize will be open to undergraduates who produce an original work related to bees in the course of their academic studies at the ANU during each semester.

The award criteria will remain suitably broad as to be accessible to all areas of student scholarship including visual and performing arts. The main criteria seeks to reward excellence in research and innovation in relation to the topic of bees and beekeeping and should reflect the objective of communicating with a wider public audience.

How to enter?

To apply, applicants need to do the following:

  1. Meet the eligibility criteria
  2. Email your entry to
  3. Include your name, student number and the relevant course in which your submitted the assessment
  4. You may wish to include a short statement on your work
  5. Entries should be submitted by the end of each semester
  6. Standard academic rules apply

The prize shall have a cash value of $100 and will be awarded biannually.


The ANU Apiculture Society Prize is open to all enrolled undergraduate students across all areas of the university. Submitted entries must be original student work and have been part of coursework assessment undertaken by the student within the previous semester.

The ANU Apiculture Society will convene a Prize Committee to decide a prize winner. Members of the ANU Apiculture Society executive (President, Secretary, Treasurer) are ineligible for the prize.

  • Entries will be shortlisted by the ANU Apiculture Society executive and sent to the Prize Committee for adjudication.
  • The prize may not be split. In the event that the Prize Committee is unable to decide a winner between two or more entries the ANU Apiculture Society President must adjudicate a final decision.
  • The Prize Committee may decide not to award a Prize if it is determined no work of sufficient quality has been submitted.

Winners will be notified by email.

Please do contact us if you hve any questions about the prize or our general mission and activities.

This prize has been made possible with the funding and support of ANUgreen.